//// Wall Works ////

Selected works

Of cotemporary art works by visual artist Sune Lysdal. Made for hanging on walls. /// Sune Lysal works in media such as sculpture in 3D, performance and sound.///In his art practice, the phenomenon processes, abstracts, shapes and interprets noise. ///

No titel, (2021), Oak tree, ink, glue, wax olie:

Dimension: 42,5 x 41 x 3,2 cm


No titel (2022)
Paper: Glossy Hahnemuhle 260 g, tree frame, presse partout, plexiglass, 30 40 cm.

Info: (No titel) 2021, Sune Lysdal Material: Oak plank, glue, ink and wax olie

Description: 3D photo by Sune Lysdal, in a serie of 3 with the working titel: Luxury Product (2020)

/// Gold messing frame and glass.

No titel (2021)
Materials: Birch finer, clue, ink, wax olie
Size: 42 cm x 29, 1,2 cm

Description: 3D Picture by Sune Lysdal, in a serie, with the working titel: Gallery /// (2020)

Info (No titel) 2021, Sune Lysdal

Material: Oak plank, glue, ink and wax olie Working titel series : Galleries Dimension vaiable: L; 32 H; 18 D; 3,2 cm Discription Production of image with 3D program. Working with the gallery space. Different objects in metalic and reflective materials surfaces. Creating complexs image, tranfered to oak plank, giving the image a exstra analog dimnension

  • Work titel serie: Power squares
  • By Sune Lysdal
  • Info: Print size 40 x 30 cm. Paper Silk Giclée 310g, tree frame (2020)

No titel (2021), Work serie titel: Faith

Dimension 27 cm

Gallery shopping van sound art, Sune Lysdal, 2020, Nordic art, Fine art, 3d art, contempoary 3d art, new danisg artist, Copenhagen artist, visual art, fine artist sune Lysdal, (3)

Info: 3D Picture by Sune Lysdal, Print 70 x 50 cm. Paper Silk Giclée 310g, Frame: Black aluminium. (2020)
Description:  working titel: wagon

Info: 3D Pictures by Sune Lysdal, Paper Silk Giclée 310g, (2020) Var: size and frames
Description:  working titel: wagon

Exhibition: 404 Ghost
Place: Carlsberg byen CGK
Titel: No
Artist: Sune Lysdal
Description: Pvc banner 200 x 140 cm with strobe light. Image is databende with sound.So the data is both sound and data. (2019)




Info: Soundart art made for Afgang 2015 Kunsthal, Here a mirror indgraved art work. Its all 4 rest rooms at the art hall buidings mirror. The mirror is visual noise works.


GTX950M NOIES (2019) Mikropolis cocktail, København K, Titel: Instrument, Materialer: jack 2,5 mm m/ledning, Mat fotopapir 91,5 x 61 cm (b x h), div. tegninger scannet, billed- og lyd behandlings programmer (sonic visualiser, 3D blender, Audacity, photoshop, 3D builder).

(2018) Hijacking space 3/3, Quickvask Frederiksberg.

Material: Towel
Dimension: 50 x 100 cm